Garage Door Safety and Security Tips for DFW Residents

custom residential garage doorsIf you’re concerned for the safety of the contents of your garage and live in the DFW area, read on to find out top tips on door safety.

Consider Installing A Security System

Your best line of defense is to have a security system installed in your garage. This means that if someone accesses or attempts to enter your garage without the correct key or code, an alarm will sound which will act as a deterrent. In the same hand, you can install a security system that will instantly alert the authorities. However, choosing the right security system can be tricky, so it’s important that you find the right one for you.

Keep Windows Covered

It seems obvious, but keep any garage windows covered so that passersby can’t see in and be tempted to break in. You could either have tinted or colored windows installed, or erect blinds or curtains – whichever is easier and more cost-effective for you.

Secure Your Garage Door

The door that leads to your house from the garage should be as secure as other external doors on your house. If an intruder was to somehow make it into your garage, you won’t want them getting further into your home all because you haven’t secured your door properly. Ensure your garage door securely locks by using a deadbolt or having more than one lock on the door. Alternatively, you can put in padlocks with a programmed entry code.

Don’t Leave Your Garage Remote In The Car

Never leave your garage remote control lying around – especially in your car! Anyone who has access to your car will then have access to the remote and let’s not forget how easy it can be for someone to break into your car.

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