Does My Garage Door Need Windows?

garage door installationIt may seem like a strange thing to consider, but whether your garage door should feature windows or not, is in fact, a very common question. There are a number of things you must take into account when having a new garage door installed, and windows are certainly among them.

At Professional Garage Concepts, we’ve put together some important information when it comes to your garage door and windows.

Garage Door Windows Look Good

Choosing a garage door with windows can make your home look great. Windows (whether transparent or blacked out) definitely adds a little something to the overall look of your garage and property. In addition, if you were able to match the windows in your home, it could look smart and consistent, and would blend in with your house.

They Provide a Natural Light

If you choose to install garage door windows that aren’t blacked out, then it can bring a lot of natural light into your garage. This is only beneficial if you use your garage for something in particular, such as a games room or workshop, where natural light is important.

Possible Security Hazard

While garage door windows can be a great addition to any home and look great, there are some downsides. One of the major downsides of garage door windows is that they can pose as a security hazard. For example, if you will use your garage for storing your vehicle or other expensive things, windows provide a sight inside to any burglars. If this type of crime is an issue in the area you reside, consider installing blacked out windows instead.

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