Choosing and Replacing Garage Door Panels

garage door repairOver time, and perhaps even by complete accident, your garage door may begin to wear and breakdown. This is most prevalent along the bottom of the garage door, which regularly encounters the hard pavement of a driveway, and is often subject to rocks, bumps, and grass clippings are thrown against it. If you don’t have the time, energy, or money to replace the entire door, you can replace the door panels. Of course, simply selecting new panels isn’t an option, they should coordinate.

Exterior Coloring

First and foremost, you’ll want to coordinate the color of your new door panels with the overall color of your current garage door. Furthermore, you’ll want to ensure every panel matches with the exterior paint of your home, too. While not overly important, it does lend a hand to a beautiful aesthetic.

Whether you’re selecting standard prefinished colors or intend to paint the door panels a custom color, you certainly have options available. If you can find a color that fits, a prefinished door is recommended, as they are virtually maintenance free in terms of paint.

Don’t Forego Windows

While not extremely common these days, replacing old garage door panels with windows can make a difference. Most homeowners don’t even consider it as an option until they witness the effect for themselves.

A window on your garage door can allow natural light inside. Furthermore, these windows offer a certain visually pleasing appearance to the entire home. If you can coordinate with the rest of your home and find a style of window that matches, everything should appear cohesive and well-planned.

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