Springs Seen in Garage Doors

garage doorChances are that you probably haven’t paid much attention to the springs in your garage door. This is understandable as the springs are not something you should really need to touch or tamper with. This is mostly due to the fact that garage door springs are complicated and can be very dangerous. However, if you find that you’re having trouble with your garage door, there is a chance that it could be to do with the springs. Instead of fiddling with them yourself, it’s best to enlist the help of a professional. To find out more, read on.

Garage Door Springs

It’s not uncommon for garage door springs to break.  There are two types of springs; torsion springs and extension springs. Both types of springs are very titghly wound which means that they are under a lot of tension. This is one of the main reasons that you shouldn’t attempt to repair or remove them without the assistance or help of a professional.

However, if you find that your garage door springs are squeaking, apply a little garage door lubricant to prevent this noise.

Out of Balance Springs

If your door is opening and closing smoothly, it’s a good sign. If not, it’s a sign that your garage door springs may be damaged in some way. To troubleshoot this issue, try opening and closing your garage door manually. If it’s still out of line, chances are, you’ll need to call someone out to resolve the problem.

There’s no point in leaving the problem and hoping that it repairs itself as this can actually cause more damage to your garage door further down the line.

Arrange A Repair

If you want to speak to us about your garage door springs and arrange for us to come out and repair them, call us today at (817) 383-1333. When it comes to your garage door, we’re your go-to company.

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