Garage Door Maintenance Checklist for New Homes

garage door repairHave you just moved into a new home that features a garage door? If the answer is yes, there may be a few things that you’ll want to check. It’s very important to maintain your garage door, especially if it’s electric, as you don’t want to encounter any issue further down the line. To find out how you should be maintaining the garage door in your new home, read on.

Check It Thoroughly

No doubt, if you’ve just moved home, it will seem like there are 101 things to do. However, making sure your garage door works properly is very important. To begin with, conduct a full and proper check on the door. The following pointers may be helpful:

  • Is there any section that’s damaged due to being hit by a vehicle?
  • Do the joints between the sections close so ensuring that the door is weather-tight?
  • At first glance, are there any broken springs or parts of the door?
  • Is your garage door or any parts of the door rusty?
  • Is anything bent, twisted or obviously damaged?
  • Are the screws properly tightened?
  • Is the lifting cable properly attached to the hinges at the bottom of the door?
  • Are any of the rollers broken or worn?
  • And do they roll in the tracks (instead of sliding)?
  • Does your door seem sluggish or difficult to lift?
  • Does your garage door open smoothly?

Use Professionals

If you find that there are some issues with the garage door in your new home and you’re unsure of how to resolve them, get in touch with us at Professional Garage Doors and Windows. Our team of helpful experts will be more than happy to assist you with all of your garage door needs. To get in touch today, call us at (817) 383-1333.

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