Garage Door Locks – Security, Safety, and Convenience

garage doorGarage doors are large and commonly targeted entry points for thieves and burglars; therefore, it is important that you ensure your garage door is secured in a safe and convenient manner.

It may surprise you that a high percentage of homeowners often forget to lock or secure their garage door before going out or going to bed for the night. These are the two most common times when burglars will make their move. At Professional Garage Doors & Windows, we have everything you need when it comes to the security of your garage door.

Choose the Right Lock

A lock is a lock, right? Well, yes and no. There are hundreds of different types of locks out there, all for a number of different uses, so it’s important to know which one you should choose to suit your exact needs.

Anchor Locks

Concrete anchors are traditionally drilled into the ground in order to prevent the doors of your garage from opening without being unlocked. Because they are mounted inside, it’s not possible for it to be broken or picked, making it one of the safest types of locks. Anchor locks tend to be used on garages that contain valuable or expensive goods.


Also known as deadbolts, bolts work by latching onto a part that’s situated on your garage door. This type of lock tends to be very strong and difficult to break. If you like to get in and out of your garage quickly, a bolt provides ease of access in a quick manner.

Cylinder Lock

A cylinder lock has a solid tumbler inside and supersedes most overhead garage door locks traditionally made of steel or wood. All parts, including the mounting hardware, fasteners, and plates, are made of metal, meaning it’s one of the most substantial types of locks.

To find out more about which garage door lock will suit your needs, talk to us at Professional Garage Doors & Windows by dialing (817) 383-1333.

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