Ensure the Long Life of Your Garage Door Opener Remote

garage doorIf you have an electric garage door opener, chances are you also have a remote. The remote to the garage door makes it far easier to open and close it conveniently and easily. However, to ensure your remote has a long life expectancy, you must look after it, and at Professional Garage Doors & Windows, we’ve put together some important top tips on how to do exactly that.

Don’t Leave It Lying Around

Much like the TV remote control, your garage door remote can be left lying around from time to time, which can result in disaster. If you leave your remote in a place such as at a height, on the ground, or outside, it could become damaged or broken very quickly. You should consider either creating a specific safe place for it, such as a remote control holder, or a certain place where you can always turn your hand to it.

Check the Batteries Frequently

It’s important to check the batteries of any remote control frequently. This is because if they are leaking, running low, or damaged in any way, it can severely affect your garage door remote control. If you find there is an issue with the batteries, change them as soon as possible.

Need Assistance with your Garage Door?

If you currently own a garage and would like to discuss your garage door options or want to find out more about getting an electric door opener installed, contact today at (817) 383-1333. We can help you with all your garage door needs for residential, commercial, and everything in between.

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