5 Tips for Automatic Garage Door Safety

Automatic garage doors are a huge convenience and often a part of everyday life. However, garage door safety is often overlooked. We tend to get complacent with everyday appliances but faulty garage doors can be very hazardous and even deadly. A few simple tips will help you safe around these modern marvels.

1. Do Not Try To “Beat the Door”

As tempting or “fun” as it may be to reach or run under a closing garage door, this should never be done. Often, maintenance goes unchecked and the sensors may be not properly operating. 

2. Obstruction Sensor

The first mechanism you should check for good garage door safety are the electronic eyes typically mounted around six inches off the ground at the threshold of the door. These sensors use a laser to sense any interruption between themselves – this should cause the door to reverse direction and stop closing. Test these sensors with a stick to ensure proper operation.

3. Balance

To test the balance of your door, disconnect the door from the drive system. The door should open and close smoothly and should stay in that position whenever you let go of the door. Try stopping and letting go of the door in different positions to make sure it does not continue to close.

4. Auto Reversal System

The last mechanism to check is the automatic reversal system. This is what reverses the door when it comes into contact and resistance from an object in the path of the closing door. To test this, set up an obstacle under the door, but make sure it doesn’t interfere with the sensors. The door should reverse immediately after contact. Next, standing outside the garage, check this operation with yourself using your hands both when opening and closing the door. The door should reverse when trying to close and should hold position when trying to open.

5. Be Safe

If any of these tests do not result with proper operation, disconnect the door from the driving mechanism and call a professional for assistance. Remember to always have an adult supervise the door while in use and that the door is not a game. Keep these tips in mind and you’ll have nothing to worry about.

For more information about garage door safety, feel free to call Professional Garage Concepts at (817) 383-1333 with any questions you have.

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