4 Ways to Transform Your Garage into a New Room

garage transformationThere are many ways in which you can completely transform your garage into a new room. The garage is often times a space in which you store spare tools, park your car, or turn it into a workshop of sorts. However, with the proper storage and space saving techniques, you can turn your garage into a much more functional space.

1. Larger Windows

Installing larger windows can provide you with a much more open feel, allow more light in, and will make your garage look more like a room rather than a space for a car. Depending on the set up of your garage, multiple small windows may be an option instead of one or two large ones.

2. Wall Panels

Installing some sort of wall covering, like panels, can provide a much more warm environment for your garage. Reclaimed wood is a good affordable option for those who want a more rustic-look. Hang up few pictures or paintings; before you know it, your place will be looking more like part of your home rather than a garage.

3. French Doors

Adding double French doors is a great option to create space and dimension. You can add double doors into your home and help extend your living space into a finished garage. You can also consider installing a new quality garage door for added style.

4. Keep It Organized

When you transform your garage into a new room, it can be hard to determine how to keep things organized. Investing in an organization cabinet or shelving can be an easy solution. Make sure to label drawers and cabinets appropriately so you can find what you need.

For more tips about how to transform your garage into a new room, call Professional Garage Doors and Windows at (817) 383-1333 today. We are happy to help you in your space transformation. 

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