How to Tell If It’s Time to Update Your Garage Door

garage doorsA homeowner with an older garage door may wonder whether it’s time to replace it. Fortunately, there are several tell-tale signs that an owner can look for to determine whether it’s time to update a garage door.

Faulty Operation

Homeowners can take a few minutes to observe the operation of their garage doors. This is a simple way to detect any obvious problems with operation. A garage door that’s working in an efficient way goes up and down smoothly and without hesitation. Alternatively, a garage door that’s shaking as it goes up or down is showing signs of wear. Also, after pressing the button, a door that hesitates a moment or two is showing signs of faulty operation. A door that stops halfway up and goes back down is experiencing problems. Extremely slow operation is also a sign that a garage door needs an update.

Excess Noise When Door is in Operation

A garage door that’s working normally is relatively quiet when in operation. On the other hand, a garage door that emits a high-pitched noise is in need of attention. A noise that sounds like scraping metal is also a sign of trouble. Most garage doors aren’t silent when they operate, but an inordinate amount of noise is something for an owner to look for when considering an update.

A Lack of Proper Security

Homeowners keep a variety of items in their garages. They store everything from yard tools to classic cars inside them. Regardless of what is kept in a garage, there should be an adequate amount of security. In short, trespassers and thieves should not be able to enter the garage through the garage door. A garage door needs an update if it is cracked at one side allowing a thief to break through. Also, if the door sits unevenly on the ground, a thief may be able to reach under the door to lift it manually. Modern garage doors are available with locks on them or keypads that allow an owner to use a code to open the door. They are solidly built to keep thieves and other unwelcome individuals out.

Years Past its Prime!

The exterior appearance of a garage door also helps a homeowner to determine whether he or she needs an update. Here are some signs of wear and tear on a garage door:

  • Fading color or cracking paint
  • Cracks in the garage door windows whether they are plastic or glass
  • Loose or broken pieces on the bottom edge of the door
  • Areas on the door where wood is splintering
  • Areas on the door where there is damage from hail or other harsh weather conditions

Remodeling the Home to Sell?

Finally, when a homeowner decides to remodel parts of his or her home, it’s a good idea to update an older garage door as well. This way if the homeowner decides to sell, he or she can add an updated garage door to the list of selling points on the home. Plus, a newly updated garage door grabs the attention of potential buyers pulling up to the house. A new garage door is a sign that a home is well cared for.

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