What is The International Door Association and Why Does It Matter?

garage transformationEstablished in 1995, The International Door Association’s main purpose is to provide services and programs to those who deal in the door and access systems business. The main objective is to grow and adapt the dealers’ skills and knowledge when it comes to door and access systems.

Why is The International Door Association Important?

Every company strives to be the best they can be within their industry, which is why The International Door Association is in place. For over 20 years, the IDA has been helping businesses and individuals in the door industry, specializing in residential doors, operators, commercial doors, fire doors, and gates. Governed by an elected board of directors, the IDA plays a pivotal role when it comes to the process of quality and control. This is carried out by the IDA providing helpful programs and services to anyone who sells, installs, and services the products produced by their industry’s exhaustive list of manufacturers.

Find Out More About The IDA

Throughout the year, the IDA partakes in a number of events throughout the country whether it be a regional event or expo. If you would be interested in finding out more about what the IDA can offer you, or to find out where you can see them. Alternatively, you can either subscribe or receive communications or even join as a member. 

Speak to Us About Your Windows and Doors

If you would like to speak to us about issues you are having with any of your windows or doors, or even to find out more about the IDA, get in touch with us today by calling a professional member of the team directly at (817) 383-1333.

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