Thanksgiving in DFW: Here’s How to Celebrate

happy thanksgiving textThanksgiving a wonderful time of the year and all over the country is celebrated with turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and pecan pies to name but a few of the delights. While many American’s celebrate the holiday with friends and family at their homes, there are some who attend other Thanksgiving-related events. If you live in the DFW area, we’ve put together the top events not to be missed.

The Turkey Trot

If you’re into running and would rather do something energetic on thanksgiving as opposed to eating and relaxing, you should be at the Dallas Turkey Trot 5k run. North Texas also has a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning where all proceeds go to charity.

Dallas Cowboys on Thanksgiving

Why not do something truly Texan and enjoy watching the Dallas Cowboys on Thanksgiving Day while munching on hot dogs? You can either grab Thanksgiving lunch before or dinner afterwards.

Eat Out

Remove the stress from you and your family and head out for Thanksgiving Day food instead of having to cook. There are a number of restaurants serving delicious meals (much like the lovely home cooked feasts you’re used to). Plus it saves you from having to do the washing up!

Check Out Thanksgiving Square

If you’re thankful for our planet and want to show gratitude on Thanksgiving Day, head to the beautiful Thanksgiving Square. It’s a sanctuary where all walks of life and faiths are welcome. There are bells, lights and lots of happy and mutually minded people.

Organize Your Own Event

Why not think about organizing your own Thanksgiving Event for friends and family? It’s a great way to get everyone you’re thankful for together and it could be a lot of fun! Pie eating contest, obstacle course or a party…why not!